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Frank Storer Plays Piano To A Crowded Dance Hall At The Intercolonial Club On Dudley Street In The 1950s.

Dudley Street

Frank Storer plays piano to a crowded dance hall at the Intercolonial Club on Dudley Street in the 1950s. It was one of at least five dance halls that featured live music by Irish and Canadian bands in the mid-20th…

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Eugenics and Restriction

The following pamphlet of the Immigration Restriction League was written by Prescott F. Hall, a Boston lawyer and co-founder of the League. This 1919 article calls for immigration restriction using arguments from eugenics, a scientific movement for genetic improvement of…

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Corner Of Dudley And Warren Streets (Dudley Square) In 1856, As Irish And Other Immigrants Were First Moving Into This Emerging Streetcar Suburb. Courtesy Of The Trustees Of The Boston Public Library.


Corner of Dudley and Warren Streets (Dudley Square) in 1856, as Irish and other immigrants were first moving into this emerging streetcar suburb. Courtesy of the Trustees of the Boston Public Library.

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The Mayor Of Don Matías Visits With Don Matíans In East Boston, 2015.


Marcella Correa, the mayor of Don Matías, Colombia, addressed Colombians in East Boston in 2015. Photo by Jorge Caravallo.

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