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Central Square became Cambridge's largest commercial center in the early 20th century, serving growing immigrant communities from Ireland, Canada, Portugal, and the West Indies. After World War II, the Square and an adjoining area known as "the Port" would become…

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Frank Storer Plays Piano To A Crowded Dance Hall At The Intercolonial Club On Dudley Street In The 1950s.

Dudley Street

Frank Storer plays piano to a crowded dance hall at the Intercolonial Club on Dudley Street in the 1950s. It was one of at least five dance halls that featured live music by Irish and Canadian bands in the mid-20th…

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Anti-Asian Violence

After the Vietnam war, thousands of refugees from Vietnam and Cambodia were resettled in the greater Boston area. Many were traumatized by their experiences, only to face more hostility from white neighbors in their new homes. To help end this…

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Postcard Of Dorchester Avenue Near Savin Hill Avenue, Ca. 1913.


Postcard showing Dorchester Avenue near the corner of Savin Hill Avenue, ca 1913. Courtesy of the Dorchester Historical Society.

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Postcard Of Harvard Avenue In Allston Village, Between Commonwealth And Brighton Avenues, 1921. Courtesy Of The Brighton-Allston Historical Society.


   Postcard of Harvard Avenue in Allston Village, between Commonwealth and Brighton Avenues, 1921. Courtesy of the Brighton Allston Historical Society.

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Corner Of Dudley And Warren Streets (Dudley Square) In 1856, As Irish And Other Immigrants Were First Moving Into This Emerging Streetcar Suburb. Courtesy Of The Trustees Of The Boston Public Library.


Corner of Dudley and Warren Streets (Dudley Square) in 1856, as Irish and other immigrants were first moving into this emerging streetcar suburb. Courtesy of the Trustees of the Boston Public Library.

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