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Eugenics and Restriction

The following pamphlet of the Immigration Restriction League was written by Prescott F. Hall, a Boston lawyer and co-founder of the League. This 1919 article calls for immigration restriction using arguments from eugenics, a scientific movement for genetic improvement of…

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A Postcard Of


   Postcard of Harvard Avenue in Allston Village, between Commonwealth and Brighton Avenues, 1921. Courtesy of the Brighton Allston Historical Society.

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Three Cambodian Children Walk, Carrying Various Belongings On Their Heads And In Buckets On Either Side. Behind Them Is A Long Line Of Other Refugees Following Suit. In The Background Is An Area With Many Small Buildings.


Cambodian refugees arriving in Khao I Dang camp in Thailand, 1980. In the years following the Vietnam war, thousands of Southeast Asian refugees resettled in greater Boston. Courtesy of UNCHR/M. Munz 

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A Woman In A Blazer Faces Away From The Camera Looking Towards A Crowd And Gesticulates. In Front Of Her Are Many Men, Women, And Children Seated, Watching The Speaker.


Marcella Correa, the mayor of Don Matías, Colombia, addressed Colombians in East Boston in 2015. Photo by Jorge Caravallo.

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