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Boston-bound steamers in Yarmouth Harbor, Nova Scotia, 1900.

Albert J. Kennedy: The Provincials, 1907-1914

As part of a major social survey conducted by local settlement workers, Albert J. Kennedy investigated Boston’s Canadian community–one that originated mainly in the Maritime Provinces. Writing in the years just prior to World War I, Kennedy was a director of investigations at South End House, a settlement that worked with immigrant groups across the city. “The Provincials” was part of a larger study called The Zone of Emergence, a book project which would not be published until many years later in 1962. This chapter on the Canadians, however, was not included in the published edition. Nevertheless, it offers a rare view of the origins and settlement patterns of the Maritimers in Boston as well as their social and political life.

From: Acadiensis, 4:2 (Spring 1975): 85-101.

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