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Saving His Family: Faustin Kalombo

Originally from Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Faustin Kalombo moved to Bujumbura, Burundi in 1994.  When ethnic violence engulfed the region, Kalombo fled to Massachusetts and applied for asylum. In this 2018 interview with Caroline Dragonetti, he describes his forced flight from the country in 2000 and his successful efforts to reunite with his wife and family in Boston.

Eras Of Migration

Eras of migration

For a good introduction to immigration in the city and beyond, explore four different eras of migration history from 1820 to the present along with an interactive timeline of key events.

Ethnic Groups

Ethnic groups

A perpetual immigrant gateway, Boston has been home to dozens of immigrant groups over the years. Click here to discover the histories and personal stories of the region’s principle ethnic groups.

Immigrant Places

Immigrant places

Immigrant communities have flourished across Boston as well as in nearby cities, towns and suburbs. Explore these immigrant places and how newcomers have inhabited and transformed them.

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